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Market Research and Industry Data When You Need It..

Small Business Market Research Department
Fast Lane Research was founded to provide an expert resource for market research data to the automotive performance parts and accessories industry. 
The majority of companies in the industry are small to cottage size, and therefore are too busy to gather or digest market research data. That's where Fast Lane Reseach can help.

You have good people, but they may not have the skills necessary to leverage business insights--you know, those valuable nuggets of information that allow your organization to capitalize on all available opportunities, and exceed customer expectations.

Fast Lane Research can collect the data you need, crunch the numbers, analyze it and provide the information needed for good business decisions.

Business executives have come to know that solid market data is the foundation for good decisions.  Without it companies cannot take advantage of market opportunities, or adapt to industry trends, or identify environmental risks. 

>  With good market data it is possible to build a more effective sales process that reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
>  Well defined customer segments makes it possible to close sales based on value rather than competing on price.
>  Deeper knowledge of customers leads to loyal customers who help promote faster business growth.
>  Superior market knowledge provides a competitive advantage and makes success easier to attain.

Fast Lane Research provides the option to outsource the market research function for small companies on an as needed basis!!!!


Our Services Include:

Market Niche Studies and Reports
We research and provide in-depth information about the marketplace and the consumers who play there.  Pretty much everything a company would need to know.  These are independent studies of particular automotive niche markets or automotive technologies. 

Consumer Demographics & Psychographics
We go well beyond the typical age, gender and household income that is normally provided.  Our data go into what makes automotive performance parts and accessories consumers tick.  How do they decide what products to install, how do they select the brands they buy, and much more.

Professional Data Analysis
There are times when a company has data, but does not have the time or expertise to crunch the numbers in order to understand what the information is really saying.  We can do the data analysis for you.

Custom Research
On a contract basis we gather the specific information and data that companies need.  Whether the project is large or small makes no difference to us, if data is needed we are willing and able to go after it.

With little overhead, Fast Lane Research is able to perform custom research projects at a minimal cost to customers.

Having conducted market research in the industry during the past 13 years for SEMA, we have come to know the market very well.  Therefore, our studies' results are more targeted and insightful, and consequently of more value, than those produced by others outside the industry.

Trends and Outlook Report Quarterly (TORQ)
The automotive performance parts and accessories industry is changing so quickly, that we issue a quarterly report to update company executives.  The report digs into internal and external factors affecting the industry and helps the reader understand where the marketplace is going.  When an update is needed to understand what's happening in the industry and the marketplace--turn to the TORQ. 

Weekly Newsletter
The newsletter provides quick read articles of current interest to busy managers in the automotive performance parts and accessories industry.  Always a quick read, plenty of data but not dry in presentation.

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