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Our company was founded in 2009, but we have been around the automotive performance parts and accessories industry much longer. We have nearly 20 years of direct industry experience and more importantly we are automotive enthusiasts! We love cars and deeply enjoy studying anything about them and the people who are passionate about modifying theirs. That makes what we do all the more fun!
We were the source for industry data at SEMA, and when SEMA eliminated the market research department we knew there would be a need in the industry for someone to collect data and provide information. After all, the majority of companies in the industry are small businesses and have little capability to gather or digest market research data. That's where we come in. For years we served the industry and have no intention of stopping! 

When you need information for a business plan, a marketing plan, a loan package, to respond to an investor—any business decision, give us a call.

Fast Lane Research provides the option to fulfill the market research function for small companies on an as-needed basis. If you need to know how many vehicles were produced last year for a specific model, or what the size of a product market is, or any other business related piece of data--we can help.

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let us know.

Much of the expertise we have and the knowledge we bring we gained while working for SEMA in their market research department.  Now that SEMA no longer has a fully staffed market research department, we offer our knowledge and expertise to the industry in the form of a private company.

Our goal is to be your trusted source for information.

Each of us specialize in one or more of the niche markets that make up the automotive specialty equipment industry.  We have each completed in depth studies of these niches and published comprehensive reports detailing our findings.  No matter which market you serve we can help with current consumer trends, distribution patterns and which products are hot at the moment.
  • Hot rod and custom
  • Compact performance
  • Off-road market
  • Restoration
  • Street trucks
  • Street performance
  • Restyling market
  • Racing and performance market
Jim Spoonhower
Zachary Krelle