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Automotive Enthusiasts

Automotive enthusiasts are a unique breed.  They love cars in many different ways, and they show it.


Muscle Car Projects


Unique Projects


No matter what form your passion for cars takes, we want to know about it.

Part of our mission is to inform the car companies and the firms that make performance parts and accessories about what you like and most importantly, where they miss the mark. 

They need to hear about good products and bad.  They need to hear about things you would like to see them make.

The only way they will hear these things is if you tell us so we can tell them.


So don't be surprised if we ask you to take a survey, or tell us about the project you are working on.

You see, we are enthusiasts too. 
There is truth in the old saying, "There is strength in numbers."
And we want to count on you.